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Aura Gardens

Aura Gardens sells diffusers and essential oils. They are a smaller company that is Canadian-based.


Create a promotional package. 

Inspiration For CompaNY 

When I got given the brief, I struggled to develop an idea, but when I finally did, I chose to do a company for a diffuser and essential oil. I went on Pinterest and found inspiration for an art movement style which was Figurative expressionism for the logo, the stationary, and the merchandise. 

Design Concept

I trailed off from my inspiration, incorporated a diffuser because I thought it would be a good representation of the company and played around with the other complementary elements for the logo. The colours I chose were based on the company's values and goals. I chose a dark green to represent their goal of making something people can help relax with—the light green for the value of creating peace with the help of their products. I created the original logo and a black & white one.

Aura Garden Logo
AuraGarden Black & White Logo

Hover to see black & white version


The typography I used was back to black demo, demonstrating that the company is focusing on making their company have a personal approach to business. 

Click this link for the Full Brand Guide

Creating Company Materials

For the business cards, I want them to feel the warm, calming aesthetic that the company portrays. I created two mockups of potential merchandise. There is a reusable bag and a simple t-shirt design on it because the company aims to create a more natural and personal product. 

Aura Gardens Business Cards
Aura Garden Bag Design
Aura Gardens T-Shirt Design

Advertisment Design

I wanted to make a fall theme for my advertisement to showcase new fall essential oils arrivals. I played around with the background to have more movement and tried to make everything cohesive.

Fall Advertisment Design
Artboard 1.png
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