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As If

As If is a look-through of modern clothing inspired by the different decades. 
The main article showcases all the fashion trends in each decade and why. The smaller articles go in-depth about two clothing trends that came back in style and why they did.


Create a brand identity and design a magazine.

Inspiration For CompaNY 

When given the brief, I instantly wanted the magazine to have a retro 80s – 90s inspired look with the main focus to have a grunge feel and pops of colours incorporated within the pages.

Logo Design Concept

When brainstorming ideas for my logo for this company, I knew I As If was the best fit because of the playful spunkiness the company wanted to bring forth. I played around with retro-styled fonts for the main style of the logo. I ended up deciding on a typewriter-styled one. After I chose the logo, I made minor fixes to the alignment and spacing. 

As if Logo
As if Logo

The typography I used was Vintage Letterpress Blocks because it showcases the retro look perfectly. 

Click this link for the Full Brand Guide

The Magazine Construct

After I made my mood board, I knew I wanted to do a fashion-related magazine and talk about the fashion trends in each decade. With my target market, I wanted to design it for someone around 18 – 25, predominantly women who like fashion trends and thrifts often. They also do not support fast fashion. I expanded on my target market and made them feel more natural. 


For the layout for my magazine, I wanted my product page to be at the beginning, then my first smaller article, then my main article, and then have my second smaller article and conclude with good tips for thrifting.

As if Persona

Finalizing The Magazine

For my cover, I wanted to portray that my magazine has a bit of attitude. I chose an image where the model has an attitude and made it have muted warm colours and a feel of modern retro. After finishing my cover, I still wanted to do the grunge look, but it looked too dull and dark. I then had to redesign the magazine to bring more colour and fun. After the edits, the magazine came to life.

As if Front Cover Design
As if Inside Page Design
As if Close Up Design
Artboard 1.png
Thank you For reading!
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