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Beach Boys Wild Honey

Wild Honey is the thirteenth studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released December 18, 1967 on Capitol Records. It was the group's first foray into soul music and was heavily influenced by the R&B of labels such as Motown.


Recreate a vinyl album front and back.  

Inspiration For CompaNY 

After I got the brief, I researched an art movement; Fauvism and got some inspiration photos for the project. To have an idea of how I want to redesign the album.

Album Creation

I found a colourful, psychedelic background on Pinterest that matched the album's theme of falling in love. To enhance the effect, I created a painted effect to the background and added red robins, symbolizing love. To make it more romantic, I made the birds look like they were kissing. I also added butterflies to capture the feeling of being around a crush. I included the album name on the front and the song titles on the back. Lastly, I added a copyright symbol to make it look authentic. 

Beach Boys Wild Honey Album Design
Beach Boys Wild Honey Album Design - Front & Back
Artboard 1.png
Thank you For reading!
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