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Linda, Ivo, and Jason, with extensive restaurant experience, founded MeeT to revolutionize the industry. Their vegetarian comfort food brings people together, promoting plant-based eating. MeeT is known for its delicious, affordable dishes created from scratch. They aim to reshape the restaurant scene, creating an exceptional workplace and redefining comfort food.


Create a menu design and two promo material.

Inspiration For CompaNY 

When given this brief, I researched MeeT. I loved how their website looks and their food differs from what I would eat. I got their website design for inspiration for the menu. 

Stationary Creation

When I got an idea of their colours and style, I used an art movement, Plakastil. This style fits the company because of its colour scheme and the elements that it already has. (I will give examples of the art movement) I then went straight into Procreate to start designing the menu. I made the restaurant’s menu simple but still the same style as the companies. 

Meet Menu Design

Promo Materials

After creating the menu, I knew one of my promo materials needed a cocktail/ wine glass because that’s a unique feature on their drink menu. The second promo material would be perfect for a reusable bag because its motto is being fresh and environmentally friendly. It also is an excellent representation of the style of the restaurant.

Meet Cocktail Design
MeeT Bag Design
Artboard 1.png
Thank you For reading!
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