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Bath Oasis

Bath Oasis was founded in 2019 when two friends came up with an idea to have better organically made bath bombs that still have the wow factor when the bath bombs dissolve into the water. They wanted to have reasonably priced bath bombs that were locally sourced ingredients.


Create three packaging designs for a fictional product/business, including a new logo and brand guide.

Inspiration For CompaNY 

When I was given the brief, I wanted to make a bath bomb company. I wanted it to be bright, colourful, relaxing, and have the name showcasing the idea.

Design Concept

For my initial idea, I used Procreate to draw the first draft of my logo concept. My initial thought was to have the company name inside a sunset, in a badge style, because it symbolizes the company's goal for customers to experience an oasis in their homes.


After I got my main idea of the primary logo, I went into Adobe Illustrator to make adjustments. My initial logo idea did not work with the company's idea to diversify the use of the logo on their products and packaging, so I changed the concept of the logo into a wordmark. I made two variations, one with the wave symbol inside the O in Oasis. And the other variation has a sunset for the tittle, which is the dot on top of the lowercase I and J. 

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Bath Oasis Main Logo
Bath Oasis First Logo Design
Bath Oasis Logo Version Two

The typography I used in the first logo variation was Calder Script and LC Grit, demonstrating that the company uses organically sourced materials. 


For the second variation, I used Didoni URW D to have a clean and contemporary version of the logo. 

Click this link for the Full Brand Guide

Packaging Design

For the packaging design, I wanted to keep it simple but effective. For the first packaging, I created a single bag for a single bath bomb. I incorporated the name of the single bath bomb at the top of the seal and the primary logo in the middle. Both had a gradient like a sunset. 


I then made two boxes, one that fit four bath bombs and one that included 6. I wanted to incorporate more colour themes into those designs' boxes but still have it as a beach theme. I wanted the inside to have the sunset symbol as a box pattern.  

Bath Oasis Package Design - Tall Bag
Bath Oasis Package Design - Bigger box
Bath Oasis Package Design - Smaller Box
Artboard 1.png
Thank you For reading!
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